Download Android Multi tools

Here is the complete guide about Android Multi Tools. Android Multi Tools and drivers for free download.

With these tools You can unlock, reset, remove pattern or pin, and wipe data your Android phone with Android Tools and Drivers software.

Uses of Android Multi Tools

  • Reset Face/PIN lock
  • Reset Face/Gesture lock
  • Reset Gmail
  • Wipe Data
  • Reboot
  • Wipe data/cache on fast boot mode
  • Software and Hardware info

PC Requirements

  • You must have the following PC requirements to use this software.
  • Computer with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1, and Windows 10.
  • Active internet connection to download Android devices.
  • Mobile USB cable.
  • Android phone drivers must be connected via USB.

Android Multi Tools Options

1. Check Device This option will check whether your Android device connected to PC (Laptop) successfully or not.

2. Reset Face or PIN Lock This option will Reset your android phone or device face or pin lock without losing data.

3. Reset Face or gesture Lock This option will Reset your android mobile face lock or gesture lock without losing data. After the device reboot, you can set a new lock.

4. Reset Gmail You can remove Gmail account (Google account) from your phone after attempting the number of failed logins.

5. Wipe Data You can wipe all data like Photos, Contacts, Settings, and App, etc, with this option. You don’t need any password for this.

6. Reboot You can Reboot your Android device (Phone) with this option.

7. Check Device On Fastboot Mode This option will check whether your device connected to Computer successfully or not in fastboot mode.

8. Wipe Data or Cache on Fastboot Mode You can wipe all data like Photos, Contacts, settings, and App, etc, with this option in fastboot mode. You don’t need any password for this.

9. Exit Fastboot Mode You can exit from the fastboot menu with this option.

0. Go To Command Prompt you can enter into DOS command prompt with this option and return to the main program by type Exit on prompt.

S. Software Info You can check Android mobile software details like Android Version and CPU inside etc with this option.

H. Hardware Info You can check Android phone Hardware details like G-sensor, Touchscreen, WiFi and Camera, etc with this option.

R. Report or Contact Me Report to software (Android Multi Tools) owner or contact owner.

D. Driver Download If your PC doesn’t have drivers for mobile, This option will help you to install drivers.

E. Help with this option you can open the Android Multi Tools user manual.

O. Donate To donate money to Software owner.


  • Turn on your computer and open any browser.
  • Download Android Multi tools.
  • After the installation, Open the Android Tools.
  • Afterward, Enable USB debugging on your Mobile.
  • Settings > Developers Option > USB Debugging.
Sugar wipe data with Android Multi Tools
  • Holding the Volume Up and Power button or Volume Down and Power button on your mobile.
  • Then you will see Android boot mode, Connect your mobile to your computer via USB.

Wipe Data with Android Multi Tools

After connecting your mobile to the computer successfully, Follow the below steps.

  • Select Number 5.
  • Next, press Enter to Unlock your mobile.
  • Finally, the mobile Unlock process Completed.

You can also

  • Reset only Face or PIN lock by typing 2 and hit enter.
  • Reset only Face or Gesture Lock by typing 3 and hit enter.
  • Reset only Gmail account by typing 4 and hit enter.

Download Android Multi Tools

Here you can download Android Multi Tools for free. You need a computer or laptop to install Android Multi Tools.

Android Multi Tools

Android Multi Tools will not work if you are above Android version 4. So buy the software below to unlock your Phone.

Android Unlock Software

Download Android Multi tools

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