How to Unlock Any ZTE Mobile When Forgot Password

Here, you can easily Unlock and Reset ZTE Blade A5 2019 Android mobile if you forgot your phone password or pattern lock or PIN. Please read carefully all methods one by one to unlock your ZTE Android phone.

We help you to Reset your Password, face lock, and Pattern lock or PIN for free. You can also unlock your device without losing data like media files and contacts. We are not responsible for data loss.

Before Unlock your mobile

  1. Remove SD cards and sims.
  2. Your mobile battery must have above 60% charging.
  3. Read carefully every point in Unlock methods.

Some unlock methods may erase all your mobile data like contacts, media files, and apps, etc.

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ZTE Mobiles List

  • ZTE Blade X1 5G
  • ZTE Blade 20 Pro 5G
  • ZTE Blade V2020 5G
  • ZTE Blade 20 5G
  • ZTE Blade A7s 2020
  • ZTE Axon 20 5G Extreme
  • ZTE Axon 20 5G
  • ZTE nubia Red Magic 5S
  • ZTE nubia Red Magic 5G Lite
  • ZTE Axon 11 SE 5G
  • ZTE nubia Play (2020)
  • ZTE Axon 11 4G
  • ZTE nubia Red Magic Mars
  • ZTE Blade V10 Vita
  • ZTE nubia Red Magic 3
  • ZTE Blade L8
  • ZTE Blade A3 (2019)
  • ZTE Blade A5 (2019)
  • ZTE nubia X 5G
  • ZTE nubia Z20
  • ZTE nubia Red Magic 3s
  • ZTE Blade 20
  • ZTE Blade 10 Prime
  • ZTE Blade A7 Prime
  • ZTE Blade Max View
  • ZTE Axon 10s Pro 5G
  • ZTE nubia Red Magic 5G
  • ZTE Axon 11 5G
  • ZTE nubia Play
  • ZTE Blade A5 2019
  • ZTE Blade A7
  • ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G
  • ZTE Blade V10
  • ZTE Nubia X
  • ZTE Nubia Z18
  • ZTE Axon 9 Pro
  • ZTE Nubia Red Magic
  • ZTE Nubia Z18 mini
  • ZTE A530
  • ZTE Nubia V18
  • ZTE Nubia N3
  • ZTE Blade V9 Vita
  • ZTE Tempo Go
  • ZTE Blade V9
  • ZTE Blade A3
  • ZTE Axon M
  • ZTE Nubia Z17 miniS
  • ZTE Nubia Z17S
  • ZTE Blade A2S
  • ZTE Nubia Z17 Lite
  • ZTE Small Fresh 5
  • ZTE Nubia M2 Play
  • ZTE V870
  • ZTE Nubia Z17
  • ZTE Nubia Z17 mini
  • ZTE Blade X Max
  • ZTE Max XL
  • ZTE Blade Max 3
  • ZTE Nubia N2
  • ZTE Nubia M2 Lite
  • ZTE Nubia M2
  • ZTE Nubia Z11 mini S
  • ZTE Nubia N1 lite
  • ZTE Blade V8 Lite
  • ZTE Blade V8 Mini
  • ZTE Hawkeye
  • ZTE Blade V8
  • ZTE Blade V8 Pro
  • ZTE Axon 7 Max
  • ZTE Blade A2 Plus
  • ZTE Axon 7 mini
  • ZTE ZMax Pro
  • ZTE Small Fresh 4
  • ZTE Nubia N1
  • ZTE Nubia Z11
  • ZTE Nubia Z11 Max
  • ZTE Blade A2
  • ZTE Blade A910
  • ZTE Blade V7 Max
  • ZTE Nubia Z11 mini
  • ZTE Blade V7 Lite
  • ZTE Blade V7
  • ZTE Blade V580
  • ZTE Blade D2
  • ZTE Nubia Prague S
  • ZTE Blade D Lux
  • ZTE Avid Plus
  • ZTE Grand X 3
  • ZTE Axon Max
  • ZTE Blade A1
  • ZTE Blade X3
  • ZTE Blade X5
  • ZTE Blade X9
  • ZTE Blade S7
  • ZTE Axon Mini
  • ZTE Zmax 2
  • ZTE Axon Elite
  • ZTE Blade V6
  • ZTE V3 Extreme Edition
  • ZTE V3 Energy Edition
  • ZTE V3 Youth Edition
  • ZTE Axon Lux
  • ZTE Blade D6
  • ZTE Axon
  • ZTE Nubia My Prague
  • ZTE Blade Qlux 4G
  • ZTE Q519T
  • ZTE Blade S6 Plus
  • ZTE Nubia Z9 mini
  • ZTE Nubia Z9 Max
  • ZTE Grand S3
  • ZTE N919D
  • ZTE Blade S6 Lux
  • ZTE Nubia Z9 Exclusive
  • ZTE Nubia Z9 Elite
  • ZTE Nubia Z9 Classic
  • ZTE Blade L3
  • ZTE Blade S6
  • ZTE Grand X Max Plus
  • ZTE Zinger
  • ZTE Speed
  • ZTE Star 2
  • ZTE Grand S II
  • ZTE Grand XMax
  • ZTE ZMax
  • ZTE Kis 3 Max
  • ZTE Blade Vec 3G
  • ZTE Blade Vec 4G
  • ZTE V5
  • ZTE Nubia Z7 mini
  • ZTE Nubia Z7 Max
  • ZTE Nubia Z7
  • ZTE Star 1
  • ZTE Nubia X6
  • ZTE Grand Memo II LTE
  • ZTE Grand S Flex
  • ZTE Blade Q Maxi
  • ZTE Blade Q
  • ZTE Blade Q Mini
  • ZTE Blade E
  • ZTE Blade G2
  • ZTE Kis Flex
  • ZTE Blade L
  • ZTE Blade C
  • ZTE Grand X Quad Lite
  • ZTE Geek
  • ZTE Blade V7 Plus
  • ZTE Axon 7
  • ZTE Blade L5 Plus
  • ZTE Axon 10 Pro

ZTE Unlock by Hard Reset

This hard reset method deletes all your mobile data like photos and contacts etc. You won’t recover it after reset. You can also speed up your mobile with this method.

Follow the below steps to Reset your phone:

  • Turn Off your ZTE Android mobile.
  • Hold down the
    • Power Button + Volume Up Button or
    • Power Button + Volume Down Button or
    • Power Button + Home + Volume Up button
  • Release all the Buttons, when you see the logo.
  • Next, You will see the Android exclamation mark.
  • While holding down the Power button, press and release the Volume Up Button.
Android Phone Hard Reset - Wipe data option
  • Now Choose the wipe data/factory reset option, By using Volume Buttons and confirm with Power Button.
  • Next, select Yes–delete all user data option, By using Volume Buttons and confirm with the Power button.
Android Phone Hard Reset - Reboot option
  • Finally, Select Option Reboot System.
  • Reset Done on your ZTE mobile.

Check out the following link for more Hard Reset methods.

Unlock with Google Find My Device

You can easily unlock your Android mobile phone with Google Find My Device or Android Device Manager. This method also erases all your mobile data.

You can also find your Android phone location with this option.

This Reset option will erase all your device data. You won’t recover data after reset. And also you can’t find your device location.

  • On a PC or a phone, go to Google Find My Device.
  • Sign in with using the same Google account you used for setting up your phone.
  • Next, You will see three different options on the left side,
    • Play Sound
    • Secure device
    • Erase device
  • Afterward, click on the Erase device option, and you will see Erase all data menu.
  • Finally, Tap on the Erase option to reset your phone.
  • Successfully unlocked your Mobile.

Follow below link for more details about Google find my device.

Unlock with Android Unlock Tools

If above methods not working, you can unlock your Android mobile with Android Unlock Tools. You need a PC and USB cable to unlock your phone password, pattern, or PIN.

Remove Android lock screen in 5 minutes

Remove 4 screen lock types: pattern, PIN, password & fingerprints.

No tech knowledge required. Everyone can handle it.

Unlock some Samsung/LG phones without data loss.

Work for all mainstream Android brands like Samsung, Huawei, LG, Xiaomi, etc.

ZTE Blade A5 2019 Unlock with Google Security Questions

These methods only work on some models. If you see google security questions on your locked screen, Use this method to unlock your ZTE Mobile.

Follow Below steps

  • First, turn On your Mobile by holding the Power button.
  • After the tried to unlock your device multiple times, You will see Forgot pattern Option.
  • After that, tap on the Forgot pattern option.
  • Next Select option Answer question.
Android Phone unlock with Google security Questions
  • Then type the Google security answer.
  • Afterward, Choose Unlock Option.
  • Next, you will see the YES or NO option and Select the YES option.
  • In this step, if you Create a new PIN or Pattern.
  • Successfully unlocked your Mobile.

Click the below link for more details about Google security questions.

Unlock ZTE Blade A5 2019 with Android Multi Tools

You can unlock, reset, remove pattern or pin and wipe data in your Android phone with Android Tools and Drivers software.

  • Turn on your computer and open any browser.
  • Download Android Multi tools.
  • After the installation, Open the Android Tools.
  • Afterward, Enable USB debugging on your Mobile.
  • Holding the Volume Up and Power button or Volume Down and Power button on your mobile.
  • Then you will see Android boot mode, Connect your mobile to your computer via USB.

Wipe Data with Android Multi Tools

After connecting your mobile to the computer successfully, Follow the below steps.

  • Select Number 5.
  • Next, press Enter to Unlock your mobile.
  • Finally, the mobile Unlock process Completed.

ZTE Blade A5 2019 Unlock with Google Account

You can unlock your ZTE Android phone with Google or Gmail Account. You can use Gmail Username and password to unlock your mobile easily.

  • Turn On your mobile phone.
  • After the number of unsuccessful attempts on your phone to unlock the device.
  • Then, you will see the Forgot pattern option.
  • Click on the Forgot pattern option.
  • Now you should be able to enter a backup PIN or your Google account login.
  • Next, Enter either your backup PIN or your Google login.
  • Finally, Your phone should now be unlocked.

Note: If you forgot the Gmail password, You can recover your password in the Google account recovery page.

Check out below link.

ZTE Blade A5 2019 Factory Reset

This is not a mobile unlock method. If you know your mobile password, You can use this method to reset your phone.

This reset method deletes all your mobile data like photos, apps, and settings, etc. You can also back up all your data before reset.

  • First, Power On your ZTE Android mobile.
  • Then, Go to the Settings menu.
  • After that, Find and Select the Backup & Reset option.
  • Next, select the Factory Data Reset option.
  • Then, Select the option Reset phone or Reset Device.
  • Then select Erase everything option.
  • Reset Done on your ZTE Mobile.

Follow below link to get more factory reset methods.

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How do I factory reset my ZTE?

With the device powered off, press and hold the Power + Volume up keys until the white ZTE screen appears. Press the Volume down key to show the Android system recovery menu. Press the Volume down key until “wipe data/factory reset” is highlighted, and then press the Power key.

Can a ZTE phone be unlocked?

This wiki How teaches you how to carrier unlock your ZTE Android phone so that you can use other carriers’ networks. You can unlock your phone through your carrier or by paying for a third-party service to send you an unlock code.

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