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How To Unlock Voltas AC Remote

If accidentally or due to some unfortunate events, your Voltas AC remote ends up getting locked and leaves you wondering how to unlock voltas ac remote, follow those easy steps in an effort to lead to an easy Voltas Ac remote unlock.

Voltas is the most famous air conditioner brand all over world. Voltas offers the window and split ac at affordable prices. The performance of cooling room is excellent of the Voltas ac.

How to Unlock Voltas AC Remote

Unlock Voltas AC Remote

In case your voltas ac remote control is locked, Here is the simple guide to unlock your Voltas AC remote. A lock sign appears on your voltas ac remote display.

To unlock it there is an easy step.

Just Press the temp + and temp – button simultaneously on same voltas ac remote and hold it for 4 to 5 sec your voltas ac remote will be unlocked.

Why is my Voltas AC remote not working?

If new batteries fail to make the remote control function, they are probably installed incorrectly. If the batteries are inserted efficaciously however the Voltas AC still doesn’t accept instructions from the remote control, there might be dirt or blockage preventing the remote control from working correctly.

Control is still blocked.

Not one of the possible solutions above has solved it. Understand that we commented above that the control could be blocked due to dust accumulated on its inside? At this point, you could position an end to this trouble and unlock your control by performing an indoor cleaning.

To do that, sincerely remove the screws and open the controller, cleansing with a cloth or brushing with alcohol the contacts beneath each button. After that, replace the batteries and wait for 2 to 3 minutes to attempt to turn it on and see the control return to normal.

If it doesn’t work, one closing option is to try restarting the air conditioner.
You could also call a technical expert to help you or select a universal remote control.

AC does not respond to the remote control

If the air conditioning isn’t always turned on from the remote control, you need

  • Push back all the curtains and different barriers that prevent the signal from passing;
  • Turn off the TV and radio if they are indoors;
  • Replace the power elements of the remote.

Voltas ac remote app

Do you want to control the voltage ac from the smartphone? You want a smartphone, so one can do that, and your smartphone needs to have remote control capabilities.

let’s see how the AC is controllers from the app. Remote control, this feature, is provided in lots of phones. If this feature isn’t supplied for your phone then need to install voltas ac remote app, it’s referred to as Voltas smart.

You can control the ac through this app. One thing to keep in mind is this app will now not work in case your smartphone does not have a remote control facility.

Reset Voltas AC remote

Remove the battery and reinstall the battery and your remote might be reset. some remotes do have reset feature enabled on the remote.

Contact Voltas Customer care

If the problem still not solved with above solutions, you can contact or make request for repair with this below link.

Contact Voltas

Request for Service

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