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How to Unlock Smartwatch

Even if you forget, there is no need to worry. because we will tell you how to Unlock a smartwatch forgot the password and how do you reset a locked smartwatch. There are many ways to Unlock the Smartwatch

Unlock Smart Watch

You may want to factory reset your watch. Factory resetting your watch will erase all the data stored on your watch! This worked for my friend’s Fossil smartwatch running Android.

  • Enter an invalid passcode 3 times in a row. Wait 15 seconds.
  • Enter an invalid passcode again, another 3 times in a row. Wait 15 seconds.
  • Enter an invalid passcode for the last time, any other 3 times in a row. Wait 15 seconds.
  • The watch will produce a pop-up card prompting a Factory Reset. Tap on the checkmark, or done button.
  • As soon as the Factory reset is complete, you may need to repair your smartwatch to your phone.
  • Take away the tool name from the Bluetooth cache earlier than pairing in-app.

Unlock Feature with a wearable device

Smart unlock is a feature on your smartphone that lets you unlock your smartphone with the usage of a nearby paired Bluetooth device.

Contact the service hotline of your smartphone manufacturer to check whether your smartphone supports this feature.

Whether the band or watch supports the smart unlock feature depends on the compatibility between the feature and the phone. If your smartphone supports this option, you can view the device that may be unlocked at the smart unlock screen on your smartphone.

  • After the smartphone and the wearable device are paired, the wearable device may be added to the list of available gadgets for smart unlock.
  • On your smartphone, go to Settings > security & privacy > Lock screen password > smart unlock and enter the lock display screen password.
  • Touch adds a Bluetooth device, enable smart unlock, then select the name of your wearable device.


Can a smartwatch be locked?

Just set a digital security lock, so no one can access your stuff. From Settings, swipe to and tap Security or Security and privacy. Tap Lock or Gear lock, and then tap Type. On the Galaxy Watch5 series, swipe to and tap Security, and then tap Lock type

How do I factory reset my smartwatch Android?

Navigate to Settings. Swipe to and tap General. Swipe to and tap Reset. Tap the checkmark and follow any on-screen instructions to start the reset.

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